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A great multiple can jump start a good health program. A high-quality multi is much more than an insurance policy that fills in nutritional gaps you may be missing in your diet. A complete multi supports your whole body with targeted nutrition in optimal potencies. A great multiple further targets organ systems with specific nutrients and botanicals for total body harmony and energy activation. Multiples like our award-winning1 LIFE FORCE® can allow you to feel your best, achieve mental and physical harmony, and radiate energy and vitality.
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Active A™ bottleshot
With Beta Carotene
Advanced B-12 Complex™ bottleshot
Methylcobalamin & Dibencozide
Ascorbyl Palmitate bottleshot
Fat-Soluble Vitamin C Ester
B-1 bottleshot
B-125 bottleshot
Supports Energy Production
B-2 bottleshot
B-50 Complex bottleshot
Supports Energy Production
B-6 bottleshot
Immune System Support
Beta Carotene bottleshot
Antioxidant Protection
Biotin bottleshot
Hair & Skin Support
C-1000 bottleshot
With Rose Hips
C-1000, Corn-Free Non-GMO bottleshot
For Immune Support
C-1500 bottleshot
With Rose Hips
C-500 bottleshot
With Rose Hips
C-B-R™ bottleshot
Vitamin C/Bioflavonoid Complex
Calcium Ascorbate bottleshot
Supports Immune System
Chewable C, Acerola Cherry bottleshot
Antioxidant Immune Support
Elan Vital™ Multiple bottleshot
“The Vital Essence of Life”
ENADA® NADH bottleshot
Energy-Rich Coenzyme
Gamma E 400 bottleshot
Complete Vitamin E Complex with Tocotrienols
Life Force® Green Multiple bottleshot
Energy Activator with Superfoods
Life Force® Multiple bottleshot
Energy Activator
Life Force® Vegan Multiple bottleshot
Complete All-Vegan Nutrition
Life Force® Vegan Multiple No Iron bottleshot
Complete All-Vegan Nutrition
Magnesium Ascorbate bottleshot
Immune System Support
Mega C-B-R™ bottleshot
Vitamin C/Bioflavonoid Complex
Mega-Kid™ bottleshot
Chewable Multi-vitamin
Mega-One™ bottleshot
High-Potency Multivitamin with Minerals
Mega-One™ Multiple, No Iron bottleshot
High Potency Multi-Vitamin With Minerals
MegaFolinic™ bottleshot
Bioactive Form of Folic Acid
Men's Life Force® Multiple bottleshot
Energy & Performance
Metabolic C™ bottleshot
Optimized Vitamin C for Enhanced Antioxidant Protection
MethylCobalamin bottleshot
Vitamin B-12
Niacin bottleshot
Vitamin B-3
Niacin 250™ bottleshot
Vitamin B-3
No-Flush Niacin™ bottleshot
B-3 for Energy & Cardiovascular Health
PABA bottleshot
Para-Amino Benzoic Acid
Pantothenic Acid bottleshot
Vitamin B-5
Systemic C™ bottleshot
Enhanced Non-Acidic Vitamin C for Superior Antioxidant Protection
Tocotrienol bottleshot
Antioxidant Complex With Vitamin E
Ultimate Ascorbate C™ bottleshot
Supports Immune System
Vegan True® B-125 bottleshot
Supports Energy Production
Vegan True® Non-GMO Vitamin D bottleshot
Immune and Bone Health
Vegan True® Non-GMO Vitamin E bottleshot
Antioxidant Support
Vegan True® Vegan Force™ Multiple with Iron bottleshot
Advanced Energy Formula for Vegans
Vitamin A bottleshot
Vision Support
Vitamin C bottleshot
Sodium Ascorbate Crystals
Vitamin C bottleshot
Ascorbic Acid Crystals
Vitamin C, Non-GMO bottleshot
For Immune Support
Vitamin D-3 bottleshot
Bone and Immune Health
Vitamin E bottleshot
Mixed Tocopherols
Vitamin E, Non-GMO bottleshot
Antioxidant Support
Vitamin K bottleshot
Supports Bone Health
Vitamin K2 bottleshot
Supports Bone Health
Women's Life Force® Multiple bottleshot
Dietary Supplement
Body Systems Explained
Life Force MultivitaminMelatoninWellness FormulaInflama-RestEssential EnzymesHigher MindMale ResponseGlucosamine-Chondroitin with MSM
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