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Why Bio-Aligned Formulas® Matter

What Is “Bio-Alignment”?
It’s a simple, powerful idea: being completely in tune with how your body works to support your body’s natural balance.*

Source Naturals® Bio-Aligned Formulas® are designed to align perfectly with your body’s needs. They address deep nutritional needs and support the healthy balance of the body’s interrelated systems with:

  • Scientifically validated nutrients
  • Research-backed potencies
  • Essential cofactors that enable the active ingredients
  • Optimally bioavailable forms
  • Effective delivery systems*

Why Alignment Is Important
Your body has an incredible innate intelligence. It continually seeks sustainable balance: your natural state of health. When the conditions of modern life—such as poor nutrition, stress, and environmental pollutants—put pressure on that equilibrium, a wide variety of sometimes-devastating health concerns can arise.*

At Source Naturals, we believe that carefully chosen nutrients, herbs, and botanicals can be expertly formulated to promote robust, healthy balance across the body’s multiple interdependent systems. And that’s what we do.*

Alignment With Science

Our unique formulation philosophy comes from a deep understanding of the whole body’s biochemistry and the latest science on nutrition and health.*

We evaluate the causes of system imbalances and focus on providing targeted, effective nutritional support. Our scientists, nutritionists, and herbal experts research and source optimal nutrient forms, potencies, and combinations that will work at the cellular level to bring those systems into balance.*

Our Bio-Aligned Formulas work holistically. The body has many biological pathways that can lead to imbalances, which can progress to health challenges. So instead of focusing on just one, we deliver meaningful levels of validated active ingredients along multiple pathways. (For example, springtime season discomforts can manifest through two different physiological pathways, so we address both.) And since we know that an active ingredient requires other nutrients to support it, we also provide the nutrient that helps the active ingredient do its job.*

This comprehensive approach ensures maximum effectiveness—and helps you achieve the higher state of wellness that you deserve.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.