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Start Your Own Wellness Revolution

We are living longer but we have more chronic diseases starting at earlier ages. Chemicals in our food and environment once viewed as harmless have now been proven to be toxic. While modern medicine offers us the benefits of advanced surgical techniques that help us repair damaged tissue and broken bones, its principal focus on disease care and symptom management often fall short in supporting our well-being. When we take a step back and look at rising incidence of new and existing chronic diseases, our stress levels and increasing threats to health, we have to ask if we are seeing an improvement in our health quality or a decline.

A New Model of Healthcare is Arising
For 30 years, we at Source Naturals have envisioned a new, more powerful and holistic model for health that supports true wellness instead of disease and symptom management. We call this shift in approach and the empowerment it enables “the Wellness Revolution.”

The core of the Wellness Revolution is a progressive healthcare model that focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues and supporting the optimal function and maintenance of the myriad physiological, biochemical, and genetic systems through nutritional science and healthier lifestyle choices. While individuals, groups, companies, and some parts of our infrastructure are riding the wave of the Wellness Revolution, there is so much more that can be done to lead our collective healthcare in a wellness-based manner. What is the foundation for this new paradigm? The magic of the human body.

Envision Your Potential
The body is designed to be in perfect health. The human organism has complex, harmonious systems to keep it in perfect working order. Imagine a human body in a closed system with perfect nutrition, beneficial exercise, no toxins, and no stress. That body would thrive for a long time because it is carefully designed to maintain health. Even though life doesn’t always give us these optimal conditions, we can be proactive with our health and achieve a greater state of wellness.

Picture the huge potential of a healthcare model that is entirely holistic, focused on the natural healing abilities of the body and concentrated on thriving, not just surviving. We will feel, think, move, look, perform and age so much better, thereby being better able to express and contribute our unique gifts to the world. Who would we be if we were really able to reach our true health potential?

Empowerment is another benefit of a wellness-focused healthcare model. We can be in charge of our own health, and take steps to support our best health, instead of waiting for disease to strike. We can use doctors, alternative practitioners, researchers, and supplement companies as resources to help us create integrated health strategies and truly take charge of our health. We can lead instead of being led.

The fundamental aim of the Wellness Revolution is to support bringing our bodies into healthy balance. It is about building your self-health platform and not living a disease-management lifestyle. It is to create an environment in your body and your life that promotes health and is far less susceptible to disease. The big question: how do you get there?

Cut Through Complexity, Confusion, and Contradictions
Even as we realize the importance of taking charge of our own health, many of us are overwhelmed by the complexity of health issues and our lack of understanding on how the body really works. The confusion—contradictory advice from friends, professionals, and the internet—is compounded by a growing awareness of environmental factors such as pollution, unwholesome nutrition-lacking food, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

So how do we navigate all of this complexity? Getting a better understanding of how our body and its  interrelated metabolic systems work together—without having to become a doctor, biologist, and chemist—is a great first step.

How Your Body Works: Interrelated Systems
According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as: “A state of optimal well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Wellness practitioners believe that optimal well-being requires a balance between wellness dimensions that comprise the whole person.

The body uses its innate intelligence to balance its interdependent biochemical systems in a natural process called dynamic homeostasis. The body continually monitors internal and external changes and then dynamically adjusts our chemistry. Thousands of homeostatic control systems like maintaining blood pressure, keeping our body temperature constant, and getting nutrients to our cells are just a few important examples of those systems that are working to keep us healthy.

At Source Naturals, our approach to wellness is to support the body’s innate ability to balance its interdependent systems naturally. When imbalances occur, we support the body with the right nutrients. When one of our systems is weak, we work to support it with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes. This approach allows us to be more personally responsible and involved in our own healthcare. We call this novel approach SystemiCare®.

Design Your Own Wellness Revolution with a New Framework: SystemiCare
SystemiCare is designed to help you balance and nourish the interrelated systems of your body that together create your health profile. SystemiCare embraces nutrition and nutritional compounds as one of the most important powerful and necessary tools we have for influencing our health today and in future. Unlike artificial chemicals that can spread imbalances throughout our bodies while seeking to hSelp us, natural compounds derived from food or extracted from plants work the way our bodies work. They give us a safe and powerful way to positively impact our health. 

More and more scientific research supports this view: Research now shows that numerous natural compounds can stimulate certain genes, creating the potential to make up for health deficits. Nutritional compounds derived from food, plants and supplement can give us the opportunity to design our own Wellness Revolution.

SytemiCare identifies and explains the 12 key systems of the body that are essential to maintaining your healthy internal ecosystem. The systems include: 

1. Energy
2. Cells/DNA
3. Inflammation Response
4. Antioxidant Defense
5. Sugar Regulation
6. Hormones and Metabolism
7. Liver Detoxification
8. Circulation
9. Cognition/Nerves
10. Immunity
11. Digestion
12. Structure/Connective Tissue

Your Wellness Revolution starts with a decision to make changes. Start by asking yourself if you are reaching your goals for getting nutrients with food and supplementation, exercise, stress reduction, and quality sleep. Next, identify which systems above might support your goals and other needs you have. The SystemiCare model helps simplify the complex web of the body and you can review the supporting science and steps to support each system. By healing and enhancing just one system, you help support the others as they work together to create health for you, day in, day out.

You Have the Power
You were meant to thrive and your body wants to flourish. It wants to go in the direction of optimal health and you are the gatekeeper to that state of being. Sure there are things in life we cannot control, but what we ingest and our behaviors largely define our state of wellbeing and we are absolutely in charge of those things. We lead.

You have the power to make these changes and now, more than ever, the tools, products, information, and support to get you there. All you have to do is decide that you are the leader in your own Wellness Revolution. It would be foolish to wait for “them” to create the new healthcare model, when it is you who leads the revolution.

Learn More About SystemiCare
To get a deeper look into each of your 12 metabolic systems check out these resources to gain a greater understanding and how you can optimize each of your systems. Click here to visit SystemiCare Overview and Supplement Recommendations.

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