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Transform Your Health with Better Breathing

If there was a scientifically proven product that could make you considerably healthier, happier, more focused, and more intelligent, would you buy it? This product is free and easy to apply: improve the quality of your breathing. Studies show that breathing better, or controlled breathing, can positively improve your health as well as your mental and emotional states. And you don’t have to be a yogi or learn anything new to get 100% of the benefits.

As we breathe our blood gets rid of carbon dioxide and transports oxygen, white blood cells, clotting agents, nutrients, and hormones to support the functioning of our body’s interrelated systems. The simple act of breathing is not only essential to our health, but is also a powerful ally against a famous foe of health: stress.

The Kryptonite for Your Health Nemesis
Stress is one of the most powerful opponents of your health and happiness. Study upon study shows the negative effects of stress, creating a domino effect of un-health. Breathing is a simple tool you can enlist to manage your body’s stress response, setting the stage for improved health.

How You Breathe Makes a Difference
We are breathing all day long, but how we breathe—deep or shallow, fast or slow, filling our lungs or only just a small portion of them—directly affects our nervous system, oxygen levels, metabolism, immune system, blood pH, our psychology, and even our gene expression.

Studies show that “controlled breathing,” such as the yogic Pranayama breathing wherein one directs the flow and pace of their breathing, can “positively affect immune function, hypertension, asthma, autonomic nervous system imbalances, and psychological or stress-related disorders."1 A slow and deep breath dismantles our stress response and preserves our health.

In contrast, shallow, rapid breathing exacerbates the stress response as well as clouding our ability to think clearly. This means that being unaware of how you are breathing can tip the biologic scales in favor of stress, not health.

The Key to Better Breathing without Ancient Techniques
Even though the studies reference yogic breathing benefits, the lion’s share of the value comes from something that you can practice without learning any ancient techniques. Conscious awareness or “mindfulness” of the breath can be a powerful path to upgrading your health. No seminar required, but helpful.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a Professor of Medicine Emeritus at University of Massachusetts Medical School, has used the concept of mindfulness and breathing in medical centers across the world to help people manage pain, PTSD, illness, and stress. The outstanding success of his program demonstrates how effective simply being aware of your breath can be.

Awareness All Day
Better breathing benefits really start to add up when you create your own all-day mindfulness breathing program by making a habit of “tuning in” to your breathing as often as you can throughout your day. Notice the quality of your breathing at work and at home. By simply paying attention to your breathing and slowing and deepening your breath, you positively impact your health in myriad ways.

Imagine the wealth of benefits that quality breathing all day long could make in your life. All you need is awareness. Breathing better is free, unpackaged, and easy, and you can start now with One. Deep. Breath.

Tips for Better Breathing Anywhere

  • Breathe deeper while you are sitting in a meeting, at your desk, or feeling tense
  • Take 5 deep breaths while walking to a meeting, waiting in line, or stopping at a stoplight
  • Stop everything you are doing, be still, and take 1 minute to breathe deeply and calmly
  • Take one deep breath before answering a question
  • Practice deep breathing while you are waiting for your computer to start

What ways can you practice better breathing in your daily life?

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