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Wellness Formula®
Award-Winning Herbal Immune Defense

What is Wellness Formula®?
Wellness Formula® is the nation’s number 1 power-packed immune defense formula!1

What makes it the number 1 immune formula?
Wellness Formula® has been a consistent winner of various industry awards including the coveted Vity Award from Vitamin Retailer Magazine for strong immune support and high customer satisfaction.

What’s unique about the formula?
Wellness Formula® features Bio-Aligned formulation with over 30 key ingredients to support winter wellness, immunity and antioxidant defense.

How does it work?
Wellness Formula® is loaded with specific herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals with abilities to support many different aspects of the immune system including T and B cell functions, natural killer cell activity, and respiratory tract health.

How does Wellness Formula differ from other winter formulas?
Our key ingredients target specific body systems that impact stress, respiratory health, immune and antioxidant defense.


1 Vitamin Retailer magazine, June 2011